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External Activation of Resorbable Materials

Final Report Summary - EXACT RESOMAT (External Activation of Resorbable Materials)

The objective of the EXACT RESOMAT project was to develop devices that can be implanted and which become resorbable only after externally emitted (from outside the body) stimulation.

During its progress the project faced a number of problems. The biggest problems were related to the fact that it was not possible to prove that capsules were perforated by ultrasound, a (bio)compatible combination of capsules in a coating could not be obtained, the activation of these capsules within the coating could not be proved and a coating that was impermeable against water for a relatively long period of time could not be defined.

A new solution was defined, namely enclosing capsules in a gel-like material and attaching this capsule-containing-gel mixture in pockets in a device, the Hip Spacer produced by one of the industrial partners. The capsules should be disrupted with an external ultrasound signal, which should trigger release of antibiotics.

However, due to the lack of progress the project was terminated on March 11, 2010. Due to the lack of progress and difficulties in reaching the objectives the impact of the project on the orthopaedic industry or research was minimal. There were a few milestones reached, however, they were not sufficient to allow the project to succeed.