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A federated testbed environment for experimentation on wireless cooperative networks


Cooperative communications constitute a new access scheme that tends to substitute traditional
contention schemes for accessing the medium. The idea is to exploit the broadcast nature of
wireless networks through retransmission of overheard information towards the destination,
aiming at better performance as a result of spatial diversity. Initial research results are
very promising, but are solely based on information theoretic models and simulations. These
models involve simplifying assumptions and raise concerns as for the efficiency of the
scheme in a real environment.
In this project we plan to implement representative cooperative scenarios and study their
performance in real-life wireless testbeds. The experiments will take place in already existing
wireless testbeds of the partners. These will be federated under a common management framework and a special component of this framework will be developed to support experimentation in cooperative communications.
The institutes participating in CoopLab exhibit a high level of experience in at least one
of the two diverse scientific disciplines required to carry out the project successfully, theory
of cooperative communications and wireless testbed implementation and management. Their expertise is proven by participation in relevant international research projects and numerous publications.
The planned exchanges of researchers will enable transfer of know-how among them.
The success of CoopLab will have a two-fold effect. It will advance the state-of-the-art in
the field of cooperative communications through proof-of-concept real world experiments and it
will establish a long-term sustainable collaboration of the partners through the federation of
testbeds and exchange of knowledge.

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