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A Novel Heat Pump Assisted Solar Façade Loop Heat Pipe Water Heating System


The proposed research aims to develop a novel solar façade water heating system involving several technical initiatives, i.e. unique loop heat pipe structure, integrated façade and heat pipe configuration, and heat pump assisted low temperature heat pipe operation. These initiatives will have potential overcoming the difficulties associated with existing solar water heating systems, i.e. unpleasant architectural view due to use of the roof space, hazard of piping freezing due to indoor-to-outdoor water transporting, separate layout of the heat absorbing pipes and façade, and low solar efficiency. This will generate a façade integrated, highly efficient and aesthetically appealing solar water heating system. Specific objectives of the project are:

1. Designing a conceptual module of the proposed solar façade water heating system
2. Developing a computer model to optimise the configuration of the system and predict its thermal performance.
3. Constructing and testing a prototype solar façade system in laboratory.
4. Carrying out economic, environmental and regional acceptance analyses.

The programme will integrate Dr Wei He, the selected incoming fellow from China, into Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development at De Montfort University. The process will result in knowledge transfer from the incoming researcher to European host which will further extend to whole Europe, in terms of advanced solar system design, computer modelling, experiment and economic and environmental analyses. It will benefit to Europe host in terms of new technology development, enhanced research capacity, and strengthen international/industrial cooperation.

Results of the research will contribute to establish European excellence and competitiveness in solar heating technology, and thus help achieve EU’s goals to promotes use of renewable energy, reduce fossil fuel consumption and cut carbon emission. Deployment of the technology will help enhance EU’s economy and industrial competit

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