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Geometrical Analysis in Lie groups and Applications


The GALA is an Adventure STREP that will pioneer explorative instruments of mathematical geometric analysis in Lie groups and will provide on solid analytic basis novel modellistic tools for applications to vision and hearing and to magnetic resonance tomography. Sub Riemannian geometric analysis in Lie groups is an innovative field of scientific research, which considers the description of strongly non- isotropic systems.

In particular it models the motion of a system in which some directions are not allowed by a constraint that is not necessarily a physical constraint, but that can be a differential one e.g. a magnetic field. The allowed directions of motion are called horizontal directions and are described through vector fields. These vector fields play t he role of derivatives in classical calculus all the theorems of analysis and differential geometry have to be rephrased in terms of these new instruments. We will need to define from a purely mathematical point of view, the main properties of the objects of the space, with instruments of Sub-Riemannian differential geometry, anisotropic partial differential equations of sub-elliptic and ultra-parabolic type and geometric measure theory in Lie groups. Results in this field will allow facing long- standing o pen problems in mathematics, which cannot be dealt with standard instruments. We will see that these instruments can be used to formalize models of the functional geometry of the cortex, and in particular to describe vision and hearing.

Magnetic MRI induces rotation in the spin of the atoms and will be described in the Lie group of rotations. Quasi-linear mapping will describe composite media in material science. Finally we will need to develop numerical instruments in this anysotropic setting, in order to validate our results. The interaction within an interdisciplinary team will help in individuate the geometrical and analytic aspects more suited for the description of the different problems.

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