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SCUBA - Self-organising, Cooperative, and robUst\n Building Automation

Project description

New paradigms for embedded systems, monitoring and control towards complex systems engineering
SCUBA offers integrated engineering solutions for robust building automation; tools for requirements, systems design and commissioning with services for flexible & reactive building operation

Large scale embedded Monitoring and Control (M&C) systems in energy management, transporta-tion, security and safety often co-exist alongside each other with little cooperation within and among heterogeneous systems which hampers the increasing demand to operate the whole system optimally. A good example is building management, a market worth in excess of $36 billion annually by 2015, where a wide range of vendor specific, heterogeneous M&C systems for HVAC, access control, fire and safety, etc. are in use. This "stove pipe" system approach limits optimal solutions to energy-efficiency, occupant comfort, or fire safety, especially as most systems need to evolve over time and have to deal with unexpected or unpredictable dynamics such as fire.SCUBA will create a novel architecture, services, and engineering methodologies for robust, adaptive, self-organising, and cooperating monitoring and control systems to address the current problems of heterogeneity and interoperability, installation and commissioning complexity, and adaptability and robustness in the building monitoring and control space. SCUBA will develop semantic models for devices, systems and building management applications and will contribute to their standardisation to improve interoperability. SCUBA will provide a proof of concept of this approach by demonstrating how self-organisation will lead to simpler engineering, commissioning, and maintenance and how cooperation among heterogeneous, multi-vendor building monitoring and control systems will make the system more adaptive and robust in real building management applications.SCUBA addresses the challenges of the call including development of systems capable of dealing with complex, distributed and/or uncertain dynamics, development of self-organising, monitoring and control systems, providing methods for adjusting to/ recovering from failures, and standardisation of configuration interfaces and exchange platforms.

Call for proposal

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T12 Cork

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Dirk Pesch (Dr.)
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