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Pursuing ROadmaps and BEnchmarks for the Internet of Things

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Internet-connected objects

Many projects are currently undertaking research and development in order to gain results in the short and medium term, whilst others are focusing on long term strategies for IoT deployments and future research needs. In all cases, securing all research investment in particular in Europe with worldwide market accepted standards is vital. Unfortunately there is a vast amount of evidence based upon market successes and failures, that without standards accepted worldwide as validated by solid and cooperative actions, research investment can be wasted or in other cases the market could be fragmented by many technical solutions which are not interoperable between each others.In order to effectively capitalize on European research advances, Europe needs to ensure interoperability and acceptance of its solutions in a global context. For that, it is important to conduct key benchmarks and look at existing roadmaps in order to provide elements at European level, and study whether all of these technical issues on validation and interoperability are efficiently considered. In doing such an analysis, all research projects and international initiatives will be considered and therefore a global coordination will be put in place in full synchronisation with existing support actions.So whilst PROBE-IT will fully implement the objectives of the call, it will not provide overlap and support as large as the international collaboration and standardisation already provided by CASAGRAS2 or on global vision and collaboration as provided by IOT-I project. PROBE-IT will cooperate with these two projects in complementing the global portfolio with benchmarks, roadmaps and other key inputs on validation and interoperability. PROBE-IT will focus on providing overall support to current and future IoT research programmes addressing all of these important and technical issues that no project is actually delivering.

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