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“DIVA: Data Intensive Visualization and Analysis”

Final Report Summary - DIVA (“DIVA: Data Intensive Visualization and Analysis”)

The main target of the DIVA: Data Intensive Visualization and Analysis ITN project was the training of large scale 3D data visualization and interactive visual data analysis experts who will be equipped with the necessary skills to cope with the major challenges for visual presentation and understanding in data intensive 3D applications. The program objectives of DIVA were based on integrating training and research projects across different aspects of visualization and interactive analysis, with an application oriented collaboration. Hence the DIVA network was focused on the major stages of the 3D data visualization process, ranging from initial 3D data processing, over real-time rendering and visualization to collaborative interaction and display systems. Accordingly DIVA has made significant scientific contributions in the areas of: 3D reconstruction from large scale laser scanned point clouds; interactive visualization of complex 3D environments on mobile devices through novel and compact multiresolution structures; efficient cluster-parallel rendering exploiting dynamic per-frame load balancing strategies; view-synthesis, camera calibration and data compression for auto-stereoscopic light-field and immersive telepresence display systems; global scale and variable level-of-detail vegetation rendering; and novel data rich interaction and visualization techniques.

According to the main ITN program goals, DIVA has involved its early stage and experienced researchers in intensive network-wide training activities, which included three multi-day summer schools in 2012, 2013 and 2014 as well as four progress report workshops in 2013, 2014 and 2015 (2x). The summer schools incorporated an important and substantial amount of complimentary skill training to broaden the fellows project experiences. Fellow exchanges between the partner institutions completed the network-wide training actions. Furthermore, intensive training was achieved by local training and education at each host site, as well as by continuous training-through-research as part of the fellow's individual project work packages.

With respect to outreach and dissemination activities, DIVA has been successful in various ways. The main activity of dissemination was by means of a large number of peer-reviewed high-impact publications, regular conference and workshop presentations and additional web-based announcements. The dissemination and research output has been very strong and all publications, with no less than 80 directly project related, are listed on Further outreach achievements from the project include presentations of DIVA related research and training activities at selected special events reaching the broader public or other related special interest groups, as well as many exhibition and demonstration activities aimed at a wider public audience as detailed in the periodic reports. In particular, DIVA was a major partner, co-organizer or co-sponsor of a number of international events, where research fellows were involved in presentations, tutorials as well as demonstrations.