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Comparing Constitutional Adjudication (Co.Co.A.): A Summer School on Comparative Interpretation of European Constitutional Jurisprudence


The Summer School provides an opportunity for an intensive training of legal assistants to Constitutional Courts as well as of experienced researchers, Ph.D. candidates and graduate students. They will analyse comparatively different issues both in a theoretical perspective and with reference to specific decisions and legal reasoning by single Courts.

Being based on the idea that the mutual interaction between the professional and the scientific competence is a highly valued resource, it is an investment not only in a constitutional adjudication per se of good quality but mostly in a constitutional adjudication sensitive to European harmonisation in terms of both comparative jurisprudence and of international/supranational law effectiveness.

The latest generation of written Constitutions, adopted since 1989 in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, invariably includes judicial review of constitutionality and judicial protection of constitutional rights as a power attributed to a centralised Constitutional Court.

The domestic catalogue of constitutional rights is integrated with reference to provisions of international law dealing with human rights, in particular the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, an international instrument that had produced a remarkable case law by the European Court of Human Rights.

National Constitutional Courts are to be playing a crucial role in shaping a living constitutional law from the point of view of the domestic Constitutions and of the complexities of competing international legal sources.

The impact of specific legal provisions and of the case law by the European Court of the European Community in the area of fundamental rights is also worthy of attention at least for candidate member States.

Constitutional Courts do work in a way, which is increasingly mindful not only of their own judicial precedents but also of the case law produced by Constitutional Courts in other Countries.

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