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WEB sIte conception language


WEBSICOLA (WEB SIte COnception LAnguage) aims at performing a cross-sectoral transfer of knowledge in the field of language design and compilation; the project will pursue its objectives mainly through the joint development of a new programming language, specifically targeted at the development of complex web applications.

The WEBSICOLA project main objectives are:
- providing the industrial partner with extensive knowledge in language designing, in compilation techniques and in the area of logic and program analysis;
- allowing the academic partner to monitor usage patterns of programming languages in real production settings and acquire valid management skills for large-scale Open Source projects;
- deepening, strengthening and expanding the ongoing collaboration between the project partners;
- fostering long-lasting, fruitful collaborations between the academic and the industrial sectors, through the establishment of a large programming-language user community, both in the academic and the industrial sector.

The partners' involvement in the Websicola project will additionally strengthen their standing within their respective work sectors. From this consolidation, the partners' networks will benefit as a whole, through the establishment of an Open Source community as a vehicle for a multiplier effect, reinforcing the cohesion both within the academic and the industrial sector.

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