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Reconstruction of the post ’Little Ice Age’ geomorphological processes in glacial environments - sedimentological and morphological record of glacial landsystems’ reactions to environmental changes


Sediments and landforms on recently deglaciated terrains are valuable archives of geomorphological processes. Thus, they can be used for reconstructions of the past and present behaviours of glaciers and ice sheets, which are very important indicators of environmental change.

The GlaciRecon project focuses on deciphering of geomorphological process in marginal zones of selected modern glaciers, based on morphological and sedimentological evidences. The main scientific objectives of the project are: (1) Recognition and analysis of patterns of depositional and reworking processes of ice-marginal sediments and landforms; (2) Determination which factors have had the most significant impact on the transformation of glacial sediments and landforms since the end of the Little Ice Age (LIA); (3) Reconstruction of the evolution and assessment of preservation potential of modern ice-marginal sediments and landforms.

Implementation of the project will help to identify the evolution of the glacial marginal zones at varied temporal and spatial scales. Analysis of different factors and their impacts on glacial landsystems’ transformations provide interpretations concerning the rate and style of glacial retreat linked with wider climatic implications. The realization of the GlaciRecon project improve the quality of local and regional stratigraphy, paleogeography and paleoclimate reconstructions concerning modern and the last glaciation in Europe and the rest of the world. The results of these reconstructions will contribute to the assessment of the impact of further climate changes on glacier/ice-sheet behaviour and global sea-level changes, which are important from a socio-economic point of view as they are used in quantification of resources threatened by sea-level rises.

GlaciRecon is a multidisciplinary project linking varied geomorphological and geological methods with remote sensing and Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

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