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Luminescent Hybrid Nanomaterial showing liquid crystalline properties


In recent years the growing awareness of the merits to use renewable energies as well as the high oil prices have led to a new approach in the use of liquid crystal materials. One of their main applications is the LCD screens. In order to minimize the energy consumption of such devices, new arising technologies based on organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) are now used in the design of flat low-power display. However this technology can be improved by replacing the amorphous emitting organic compounds by stable inorganic phosphors showing liquid crystal properties. The “Luminescent Hybrid NANomaterial showing Liquid Crystalline properties” project proposes to develop such approach by introducing a bright red-NIR inorganic emitter in a liquid crystal matrix. The one nanometer sized octahedral clusters based on Mo6 or Re6 scaffolds have been chosen for their outstanding luminescence properties. These inorganic building blocks are obtained via solid state chemistry synthesis techniques and, once solubilized, can be functionalized with judiciously designed organic molecules to give hybrids nanomaterials with self-organization abilities. This two years project will contribute to maintain Europe’s leading position in the field of innovative materials technologies for the future by developing new multifunctional nanomaterial with tailored properties: the clustomesogens (liquid crystal based clusters). Although at a first glance, the work is of peculiar interest to academics from a range of backgrounds, in particular to supramolecular, coordination, solid state and material chemists as well as physicists, there is a considerable industrial and commercial potential in the medium and long term as stated in the SusChem Strategic Research Agenda. The researcher involved in this proposal will brought his skills to consolidate and maintain the worldwide leadership position of the host group in the field of luminescent nanohybrid materials based on metallic cluster core.

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