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Imaging 3D mantle and geological structures beneath Europe by the joint inversion of body wave and surface wave anisotropy


"The project concerns relating the lithospheric and deep mantle structures with the surface geology beneath the European continent.
The investigations will be based on the rich digital sets of seismograms registered at the networks of European seismological stations such as the Virtual European Broadband Network. Using information from different types of seismic waves will provide complementary sampling of the mantle.
I will apply the innovative method based on the joint inversion of surface wave and SKS anisotropy.
The challenging part of the modeling based on tomography methods concerns taking into account not only radial but also azimuthal anisotropy which plays a key role in understanding the geodynamic phenomena. The mantle convection in the Euro-Mediterranean area is very complex and seismic azimuthal anisotropy should be a perfect indicator for mapping mantle flow.
The multidisciplinary aspect of the project concerns integrating recent data from other fields of geophysical modeling: gravimetry, heat flow measurements. The petrological as well as tectonic interpretation will ensure giving geological meaning to seismic models.
The impact of such kind of researches results in the improved understanding of the geodynamical processes related to tectonic plate movements, causing the increased seismicity in the contact zones, and more effective earthquake hazard mitigation and prediction.
The two-year fellowship gives me a tremendous opportunity to obtain maturity in my seismological researches thanks to training in inversion and spectral element methods in the host IPGP – one of the leading research and educational organizations in France. Improving my scientific French will be a great asset to my future cooperation with French seismologists. A set of proposed complementary skills will be of the utter importance for effectively communicating my scientific results and popularizing the Earth sciences among young people."

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