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Nonlinear Optics and Lasing in Complex Media


The past decade has witnessed a stupendous growth in research activity on the way we control the flow and storage of photons. This activity has been, to a large extent, driven by the enormous progress in micro- and nano-fabrication capabilities of photonic media. The presented proposal aims at a theoretical and computational study of Non-linear optics and Lasing in Complex Photonic Media, enabled by this capability. The complexity of these media stems from their non-trivial spatial structure which is required for the control of electromagnetic radiation in various applications like novel micro- and nano-lasers. The proposed research will focus on four main topics: the role of a spatially non-uniform pump/gain medium in laser characteristics and its interplay with the resonator geometry for the design of compact and power-efficient lasers; lasing in Parity-Time (PT) symmetric cavities and its relation to unidirectional invisibility and the anti-laser; existence of a statistical signature of Anderson Localization in Random Lasers; theoretical techniques to study collective effects in Non-linear Optics that derive from the complexity in the photonic structure used to confine light. Results from these research activities are expected to have impact both on basic research and on applied technology for the design of novel and improved photonic devices.

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