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Perpetrators, Ordinary People and Violence during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939): the case of Galicia


The Francoist repression and the rearguard violence in the Spanish Civil War has been analysed from different points of views in the past. However, no investigation has yet tried to focus in the question of the perpetrators and the attitudes of ordinary people whilst violence was happening. This particular question is related to important issues about the way violence changed dramatically the nature of one society and how many Spaniards became brutal killers in a short period of time. The main research line of the applicant will be to identify and analyse the character and main features of the Spanish Francoist Perpetrators through the case study of Galicia region between 1936 and 1939. The case of the particular area of Galicia is interesting because the main goals of the 1936 coup were accomplished in full there since the very first days of the Spanish Civil War, so there was no proper war in Galicia, only repression and rearguard violence. The big issue will be to know if the members of these vast numbers of “shooters” in the Spanish and Galician case had some gender, social, educational, or religious features to define them as a social and differentiated group. Another important objective related to this one is to answer the question of what made “ordinary people” in Spain to be transformed in brutal killers. It is intended to use both the biographic and socio structural approach to analyse this issue. The biographic approach will be used through the case-by-case study of some identified perpetrators in the Galician case. The socio structural one is related to the study of the ideological and socioeconomic background of the perpetrators. This Main Research Line also aims to identify the nature of the processes of stealing properties and material possessions to the victims and their families. A comparative perspective will also be used use taking into consideration the well-known cases of Nazi Germany and the Latin America 60’s and 70’s Dictatorships.

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