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Topological Model Theory


The proposed research principally belongs to model theory, but it is also linked to algebra and combinatorial geometry. The aim of the project is to study first order topological structures, both from specific and abstract point of view. The class of first order topological structures generalises classes of models satisfying various minimality conditions, a subject of my initial MC Fellowships at the University of Leeds.

This project is a natural continuation of my research concerning minimality conditions in model theory. Firstly, I am planning to continue the study of definable and type-definable groups in structures with various minimality conditions, mainly to generalise the recent positive solution of Pillay's group conjecture. Second objective of the project is investigation of countable models with small theories, satisfying various minimality conditions (like weak o-minimality, C-minimality, P-minimality) and to make attempts towards proving Vaught's conjecture for weakly o-minimal theories (and possibly other classes of theories with some minimality conditions). Finally, I am going to develop an abstract (axiomatic) approach to first order topological structures.

This will be mainly inspired by the work of Hrushovski and Zilber on Zariski-type structures. Realisation of this project will be an excellent opportunity to combine the experience I gained at the University of Leeds (minimality conditions) with the expertise of the Wroclaw model theory team (definable and type-definable groups, Vaught's conjecture). It will contribute to transferring methods from stability theory to unstable contexts, and to the classification of models of first order theories without the independence property.

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