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Enabling Technologies for Large-Scale Sensor and Control Networks


The vision of an interconnected world where wireless sensor, actuator and controllers are embedded everywhere is materializing. The next step in this evolution is to automatically act on the physical environment based on sensor measurements. Examples of such large-scale networked control systems are found in smart grids, intelligent transportation systems, process and automation industries, e-health, and in surveillance, monitoring and early-warning systems. Using current technologies these types of networks will create an unprecedented amount of raw data, which will soon exceed current storage and processing capabilities. Promising concepts such as compressive sensing, distributed compression, cooperative transmission networks, networked control, and information-theoretic security are emerging as potential enabling technologies. Together the program partners have expertise across these areas.

The objectives of the proposed collaborative exchange program are threefold. Firstly we aim to identify and solve relevant theoretical challenges in compression, transmission, networked control, and security by leveraging on the recognized complementarities and synergies between partners. Secondly we want to ensure a high level of collaboration and knowledge transfer across all partners such that we can jointly embark on grand challenges ahead. And thirdly, our proposed research is to a large extend relying on existing research projects of common interest to leverage new ground with a high potential for leading into new joint projects.

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