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Translating Institutions. Digitization of Administrative Data Assets as Redesign of the Modernist State


"Over the last 20 years globalization studies have been posing ground-breaking questions about forms of authority emerging from the disassembling of the nation-state. These studies have questioned long-standing categories of political thought, like territoriality, authority, sovereignty, mainly along the Local/Global and Public/Private divides.
From a different perspective, works in the Science and Technology Studies (STS) domain have stressed that the emergence of a new political order is always deeply entangled with the production of socio-technical formations. It is thanks to the engagement with the manufactured milieu that modern political entities redefine the meanings of citizenship, legitimate power, territorial authority, and their constitutional epistemological boundaries.
Therefore, since it aims at investigating actors and procedures of authority emerging from the disassembling of the modernist state, the ""Translating Institutions"" research follows the processes through which technology-making interacts with practices of governance-making. By adopting an STS stance, ANT epistemological insights and narrative techniques of analysis, the research aims at demonstrating that, far for simply dragging processes into the ""virtual"" domain, the digitization of administrative procedures in institutional settings is challenging existing institutional orders, triggering emergent actors, divergent information-policy orders and hierarchies, novel subjects of authority and procedures of legitimacy.
On a disciplinary level, this research asks whether STS' post-modernist epistemology can undertake a mutually enriching dialogue with political science's insights about novel forms of authority emerging in the global era.
The project aims to strengthen the researcher’s brilliant potential in research and technology management, by resuming her career after a break, and after a working experience in the field of research interest."

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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M.A.R. Marion Kamp (Dr.)
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€ 183 469,80