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Preparation and characterization of photo-responsive microcapsules based on azobenzene derivatives, for controlled delivery of active agents under visible light


Encapsulation process is described as the capture of a compound into a coating material. Besides encapsulation technology is currently the best solution available on the market for the delivery of dedicated components/materials in different applications such as: food ingredients, perfumes, drugs, dyes, acids, pesticides and herbicides, etc. The main strategic objective of PhotoCap is to create an innovative platform for interdisciplinary research with the aim to accelerate the adoption of microcapsules-innovative solutions with significant contribution to European excellence. The research objective of the PhotoCap project focuses on development and testing of new photo-control release microcapsules for innovative breakthrough applications with high impacts on: environmentally-friendly production methods, health protection and increase of citizen daily life standard, with decreasing its cost. The novelty of this project will be preparation of new smart microcapsules based on azobenzen derivatives monomers containing electron-donating groups ortho to the azo moiety. It means that the controlled release of the encapsulated active agent will occur by visible light irradiation from sun illumination. During the PhotoCap I wish to develop and explore encapsulation and triggered release using as a model non-toxic substances such as perfumes under mild, consumer-relevant irradiation conditions. I wish to explore the incorporation of photo-responsive trigger materials into different encapsulation wall chemistry (e.g. polyamide, melamine formaldehyde), and seek to understand the stability and release behavior under different conditions of irradiation. During reintegration phase I wish to apply these new smart microcapsules to real products from EU market, check their stability in these products and disseminate the results in ERA in order to increase its attractiveness.

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