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Intensive training course for the development of skills necessary for the succesful participation in Sixth Framework Programme

Final Report Summary - EUROPRAXIS (Intensive training course for the development of skills necessary for the successful participation in Sixth Framework Programme)

The main objective of EUROPRAXIS was to foster successful involvement of Latvian scientists, entrepreneurs, consumers and policy makers in the European Research Area. The training course was intended to wide spectrum of audience scientists and entrepreneurs from various thematic fields and from different areas of Latvia.

Previous experience shows that stakeholders from Latvia are informed about Framework Programme (FP) activities and that they have actively taken part in submission of projects but only a few Latvian participants have been the coordinators of the projects.

The research in Latvia has long traditions, however, the current technological level has not reached the average of European Union. For that reason the promotion of the integration of Latvian research community in the European scientific community is very important. The realisation of EUROPRAXIS helped to improve the skills necessary for competitive preparation of FP proposals and successful management of projects.

The realisation of EUROPRAXIS included three tasks:
1. awareness of audience of the training course, the identification of specific needs and problems of training course participants;
2. the organisation of intensive training course.
3. studies of feedback from participants.

The information about training course was distributed among the universities, research institutes, Latvian Technological Centre (for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)). Information was placed in newsletters and the web page of Latvian National Contact Point (NCP).

The interest about courses was very high, 93 applications were received. The course was planned for 60 participants, so all applications were considered carefully. Participants were selected to represent each organisation that had applied as well as various fields of science. Attention was paid also to stakeholders having preliminary knowledge about FP6.

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