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Key Technologies of Thermal Management – Optimisation of heat transfer performance and manufacturing process of ultra-thinned sintered heat pipes


The applied fellowship aims to bring an active and leading researcher to the UK to develop and transfer the key and novel technologies of thermal management for high efficient power electronic systems. Efficient cooling and thermal management have become a critical issue of developing high efficient power electronic system for a variety of applications such as micro-electronic system, low carbon (pure electric) cars, multi-electronic airplanes, high power laser and radar systems, etc. The development of ultra thinned heat pipes based on phase change heat transfer modes could be an effective solution of these. The research programme of the fellowship will be concerned with the optimisation of the heat transfer performance and the manufacturing process of ultra-thinned sintered heat pipes. Dr Yong Li (an associate Professor from South China University of Technology)’s expertise in advanced heat pipe techniques will complement the existing knowledge at the University of Nottingham and contribute to the further development in this area through the fellowship and international collaborations.
The project will bring the University of Nottingham, the South China University of Technology where the applicant researcher is, and other EU-China companies together to generate new business to explore the market potential of the proposed technology in both EU and China. The collaboration will encourage knowledge transfer between academia and industry in terms of simulation and development of the innovative technology of designing and precision manufacturing ultra-thinned heat pipes for thermal management of power electric systems including low carbon vehicles and multi electric aeroplanes. The collaboration will be mutually beneficial to both Europe and China in terms of energy saving, thermal management, environmental protection, national economy and quality of life, which will be detailed as follows.

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