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Biometrics revisited for security, dependability and confidence


Automatic access of persons to services is becoming increasingly important in the information society and biometrics is one of the key enabling technologies for it. The basic aim of biometrics is to discriminate automatically between subjects "in a reliable way and according to some target application" based on one or more signals derived from physical or behavioural traits, such as fingerprint, face, iris, voice, hand, or written signature. Applications of biometrics range from counter-terrorism and border control to e-commerce and e-banking, including secure networking and authentication. In spite of the practical importance of biometrics, and the increasing interest both from government and industry, the adoption of biometrics is still slow. Considering also the wide economic and societal implications, biometrics remains still a grand challenge.

The approach of BIO-RESIDENCE to foster the adoption of biometrics is to direct the research efforts towards a user-centred interoperable and dependable framework, with special attention to security and privacy.

Based on this, the objectives of the project are:
- To track the state-of-the-art on established biometrics traits.
- To advance the state-of-the-art on:
i) user-friendly and well-accepted trait s; and
ii) multi-biometrics and biometric quality.
- Track and further develop application-oriented issues of importance for security, dependability and confidence using biometrics:
i) technology and operational benchmarking;
ii) usability, acceptability, and interaction with biometric interfaces;
iii) standardization, certification, and legislation;
iv) biometric cryptosystems;
v) countermeasures to attacks on biometrics;
vi) system issues such as database indexation, interoperability and secure networking; and
vii) case studies including two system prototypes (smartcard-based biometric ID and remote authentication using a handheld device).

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