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New generation information processing techniques for imaging sensors and wireless sensor networks


This is a proposal to support Dr. Müjdat Çetin's reintegration as a full-time faculty member at Sabanci Univ., Turkey. Dr. Çetin joined Sabanci in September 2005, leaving his position at MIT, USA. Dr. Çetin's expertise is in the area of statistical signal and information processing, with a focus on imaging, computer vision, and data fusion in sensor networks.

The technical objective of the proposed research is to develop new generation signal and information processing methods for new and emerging sensing systems. We outline a five-year research effort composed of three thematic components, each building upon Dr. Çetin's expertise and each aiming to ensure both the transfer of the knowledge he acquired in the USA in the last 10 years, as well as his successful reintegration and career development in Europe. The three inter-related components are: 1) New, robust image formation algorithms based on data collected by imaging sensors; 2) Automatic image analysis techniques, with a focus on biomedical imaging and vehicle driver assistance; 3) Scalable, distributed algorithms for data fusion in wireless sensor networks.

These are timely research topics due to both their promise for a variety of applications, as well as some recent initial progress. We have had extensive experience and played a significant role in that initial progress, hence we are in a very good position to lead this project. Our proposal contains mechanisms to develop a lasting co-operation between Dr. Çetin and his colleagues in the USA, as well a s to expand collaborative activities in Europe. Sabanci University is very confident in Dr. Çetin's potential to become one of the leading researchers in Europe in his field, and is ready to do its part for his successful reintegration. However, for ultimate success, the support through this grant is extremely crucial.

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