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Contenu archivé le 2024-06-20

Photochemistry, ultrafast dynamics and diagnostic applications of the III generation photosensitizers


The goal of the project is to reach excellence in research on molecular diagnostics by laser methods in Europe and to set-up an unique integrated Network between the single-investigator laser facilities at European Universities and the large-scale national laboratories for research/training/and teaching on laser technology and applications to contribute to structuring the European research. The present project within the Marie Curie Chair pursues the following specific objectives: 1) to integrate state-of -the-art laser technology, Raman spectroscopy and research in molecular spectral diagnostics for medical purposes, 2) to provide scientific results that can be useful in the design of new compounds with an enhanced tumoricidal activity in phototherapies and medical diagnostics, 3) to develop methods of spectral diagnosis for in vivo analysis of medical samples such as blood or breast tissue. The project will give contribution to reach a final goal of screening and monitoring cancer cells through Ram an blood test, 4) to increase the visibility and attractiveness of European research and training in the laser-oriented fields, 5) to encourage more female scientists to join a laser-oriented research. To achieve the defined objectives multi-national a nd cross discisplinary joint research activities and networking activities are proposed. Expected impact of the project will be obtained by: 1) establishing the Marie Curie Chair in multinational and cross disciplinary environment. The MBI (host organization) is the coordinator of the I3 programme Laser-Lab (17 laser national laboratories from 9 countries), 2) creation by the Chair of European Virtual University on Lasers, 3) enhancing public awareness of the links between the spectacular developments in laser technologies and economic growth in optical communication, material engineering, and in medical molecular diagnostics by the proposed networking activities.

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