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Structure-activity relationships leading experts in mutagenicity and carcinogenicity


The concept of a relationship between the structure and the toxic activity of chemical mutagens and carcinogens has been widely investigated. Structure-activity concepts have also been exploited to make safer chemicals. Whereas for academic purposes even studies based on biased data sets may provide useful information, the extensive regulatory use of (Q)SARs foreseen by e.g. REACH requires that the models fulfill severe quality criteria. Unfortunately, this ideal situation is not a common occurrence in toxicology. This proposal is aimed at organizing a debate among, and a Workshop of leading experts to critically review the situation of in the field of the (Q)SARs for mutagenicity and carcinogenicity, and to provide indications on hot topics issues to be further investigated. SCARLET is multidisciplinary and multisectorial. Regulators, scientists, problem holders, animal welfare experts, citizen organizations, and chemical industry will participate. Target is 40 participants; registration will be free to reach a wider participation. 6 fellowships will be given to young researchers. The workshop will be useful to cut barriers between scientific and societal areas. SCARLET will discuss an architecture to compare and integrate individual studies. Coordinators of EC projects will be invited, so that their results will be disseminated, providing a high resonance to the European research. This will also avoid repetition of studies, making optimal use of public money and identifying synergisms. Their EC projects will be a way to exploit recommendations from the workshop. The verifiable results will be the workshop, the internet site, a list of software and databases, the report with recommendations for use of computer-based methods in carcinogenicity, mutagenicity and genotoxicity. A paper summarizing the discussion at the workshop will be submitted to a scientific journal.

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