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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Les énergies du futur: l'environnement, prise de conscience et source d'emplois


Audiovisual production By a series a 10 films of 6 minutes each, using a simple pedagogy that every spectator can comprehend, we want to reach the awareness of a broad public and inform it about new techniques in future energies (renewable and other developments) as a source of new environmental professions: situations, solutions, people who protect the richness of our planet through their awareness, their efforts, their progress in science and their know-how. TV-broadcasting The first world chain of television in French TV5MONDE is engaged to diffuse these series (10 films of 6 minutes each) 15 times (it means 15 x 10 films = 150 broadcasts) during 3 years on its different networks. La première diffusion de la série se fera endéans les 12 mois de l'action, en période de large audience de la chaîne : soit entre 18h30' et 23h30', en semaine; soit entre 8h30' et 00h00, le week-end (public nombreux et varié sur ces deux jours). TV5 Monde dispose de l'exclusivité sur la première diffusion. Other modes of dissemination will also be developed with other european télévisions and with important european partners reaching the wide public and youth. Topics of the 10 films 1. WIND -Onshore wind energy (Denmark) 2. SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAICS -Shell Solar modules (Germany) 3. BIOMASS -1 Power generation: co-firing (Poland) -2 Heat production: pellets (Austria) -3 Biocarburant: UE project TIME) 4. GEOTHERMAL ENERGY -Hot dry rock (1 Italy, 2 France) 5. GRID SMART PLATFORM 6. CONCENTRATED SOLAR POWER -Parabolic trough / Parabolic dish / Central tower system (Spain: Platoforma Solar de Energia) 7. OCEAN ENERGY SYSTEMS -Wave / tidal (Wales : Wave Dragon) 8. EUROPEAN H2 AND FUEL CELL TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM 9. FUSION -ITER 10. CO2 CAPTURE AND STORAGE -UE project CASTOR

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