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Les énergies du futur: l'environnement, prise de conscience et source d'emplois

Final Report Summary - FUTURE ENERGY (L'environnement, prise de conscience et source d'emplois)

Through a series of films devoted to the energies of the future, the FUTURE ENERGY project partners wished to show the work done by the European Union (EU) to solve the energy problems. Faced with the damages caused by the intensive industrialisation of these last 50 years, the greenhouse effect and the shortage of fuel, the European authorities have, together with scientists, undertaken a certain number of major projects to create new, less polluting sources of renewable energy, and in so doing secure the future of our continent.

Wind, solar, geothermal energy, biomass, research in fusion, integrated electricity networks are some of the themes we wish to broach in our series 'Future energy, the environment, awareness and source of jobs'. Each of the ten films of our series enables us to discover sites in the different countries of the EU. The project met with scientific officials, specialists who work day in and day out to produce new sources of energy, who show us what their job consists of so as to enable us to understand better how energy is produced whether it stems from solar, wind, geothermal or other technologies.

The films will increase public awareness with great velocity. They will encourage people to adapt new behaviour and to act on a personal level regarding preservation of the environment becoming one of the agents in this process. People will follow each other throughout this attitude; they will enter a general process that has been initiated by Europe some years ago. People are already getting used to separating waste, using innovative non-polluting products for household use, using clean cars (electric, biological fuels) etc.

A series of documentaries were broadcasted on the French international public channel TV5 MONDE and broadcasted across Europe (27 EU countries), as well as in Africa, Asia, United States, Latin America. These episodes helped inform the public, keep the viewers' attention and stimulate their awareness about the problem of energy and environment. They also served as a teaching tool as it also allows the new generation to discover, when it is time to make a professional choice, dozens of trades that they had no idea existed. The series of 10 movies of 6 minutes each will be broadcasted again in its entirety 15 times.