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Content archived on 2024-05-29

A coordinated approach to access, experimental development and scientific exploitation of european large infrastructures for high magnetic fields


It is the purpose of this integrated infrastructure initiative (1) to co-ordinate the transnational access to three main large infrastructures of high static and pulsed magnetic fields (HFML, Nijmegen, the Netherlands; LNCMP, Toulouse, France; and IFW, Dre sden, Germany), and a number of smaller pulsed field installations in Berlin, Leuven and Zaragoza, (2) to develop new experimental possibilities at these infrastructures by two Joint Research activities involving other groups, and (3) to foster exchange of information between the infrastructures and between various user groups by forming a network of scientific groups using high magnetic fields. Transnational access is offered to static magnetic fields up to 33 T, pulsed magnetic fields to the 60-100 T ran ge, and the development programs will focus on high-field NMR and infrared spectroscopy in pulsed fields. This I3 proposal encompasses practically all of the European activity concerning high magnetic fields in all three areas of Access, Development and Re search. It is expected that this step will have a strong integrating effect on the European activities in the area of high magnetic fields, leading to the distributed European Large Magnetic Field Facility anticipated in the ESF report "The scientific case for a European Laboratory for 100 Tesla Science".

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