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The socio-economic determinants of citizens' work life attitudes, preferences and perceptions, using data from the continuous web-based European wage indicator survey


WOLIWEB will contribute to the understanding of citizens work life by quantitative, nine-country analyses of: * perceptions of pay discrimination by gender or ethnicity in relation to any factual pay gap; * preferences for more / fewer working hours in rel ation to working hours and household duties; * attitudes towards collective bargaining coverage in relation to actual coverage; * perceptions of job insecurity in relation to dismissals and reorganisations at the workplace. For collecting the data needed f or the analyses, WOLIWEB aims to expand the Dutch web-based Wage Indicator Questionnaire to nine countries and to gather the responses of 350,000 citizens. National Wage Indicator Websites with Salary Checks and Questionnaires will be launched. To attract large numbers of web visitors, the Salary Checks will be filled with occupation-specific wage data gathered through the Questionnaire. To open up the websites for a large public and to ensure confidence in the information, WOLIWEB will form alliances wi th trade union partners. The launch will be guided with training, handbooks, helpdesk, and support of the partners' promotion efforts. To disseminate results, the research findings will be published in papers, reports, a book, and on the project website. European collection of work life data by means of volunteer Internet surveying is relatively new and the proposal foresees in an extensive evaluation. The response may be skewed but the dataset will be weighed.

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