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Medical sensing and nanodevices


This project is a merging of the original proposals 510103 (NANODEV) and 510107 (MOECAB). NANODEV deals with nanotechnology, while MOECAB deals with blood sensing, hereinafter referred to as subproject 'Nanotechnology' and subproject 'Blood Sensing'. Subp roject 'Nanotechnology'. At present nanoscience mainly deals with the building blocks, whereas the development of devices is in an embryonic stage. The subproject aims at the development of industrial implementation of nanotechnology and comprises the stud y of semiconducting nanowires and new nanoscale electronic devices, in particular sensors with single-molecule sensitivity and nanosized memory cells. To achieve these goals, ToK experts should strengthen the subproject's knowledge base regarding one-dimen sional materials and structures, sensors and memories. The combination of scientifically experienced fellows together with the application knowledge present in the host organisation can fulfil the goal to translate knowledge on nanoscience into new and gro undbreaking devices. Subproject 'Blood Sensing'. Blood testing is a major industry in health care and a standard procedure in hospitals. Also at home, blood testing is inevitable for diabetes patients who test their blood glucose levels various times ever y day. In the EU 3-4% and the USA 6-8% people are diagnosed with diabetes. Currently, blood testing is done using a needle. The need for non-invasive blood analysis is crucial for improving diabetes treatment. At Philips Research a new non-invasive method is being explored. The challenge is to strongly reduce the cost price of the system, to realize introduction on the health care market. The subproject proposes development of multivariate optical element (MOE) technology to implement spectral analysis in l ow cost hardware. MOE technology is new to Philips and requires a researcher with relevant experience. The project is thought to strengthen the European competitiveness towards USA and the rest of the world.

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