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Mannoproteins in food security


Yeast mannoprotein could be useful to reduce colonisation by enteropathogenic bacteria. The use of yeast cells or yeast cell wall preparations has been associated with the reduction of different enteric pathogens. Campylobacter je/uni and related species a re now recognised as the most common causes of bacterial foodborne diarrhoeal disease throughout the world and poultry, especially chickens, are the main reservoir of this pathogen. However, no attempts have been made to establish a relationship between specific mannoproteins and its efficacy to reduce Campylobacter in chickens.

We propose as main aim of this investigation to study the effect of mannoproteins on Campylobacter adherence to ephitelial cells of chicken gut, identifying fractions especially effective against Campylobacter. Mannoprotein properties may be affected by the procedure used for its extraction and purification. Thus, different methods for mannoprotein extraction and fractionation will be evaluated. Also, some enological variables that ma y have influence on the mannoproteins obtained, as the different steps of winemaking, culture conditions and relevant enological stresses, will be studied.

Mannoproteins as inhibitor of Campylobacter adherence will be tested, trying to establish a relation ship between mannoproteins composition and its capacity to inhibit Campylobacter adherence in vitro. This information may contribute to establish novel industrial process for preparation of mannoproteins and may have a positive influence on the selection o f new natural strains and the genetic engineering experiments designed to obtain super producers strains of specific mannoproteins. Findings derived of this project will contribute to understand the relationship between mannoproteins composition and its potential effect on food security. These investigations may provide theoretical and practical valuable results useful for academic and food industry.

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