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International Co-operation actions on CO2 capture and storage

Final Report Summary - INCA-CO2 (International Co-operation Actions on CO2 Capture and Storage)

The whole chain-capture, transport and long-term storage of CO2 is an important component of the proposed measures to reduce CO2 emissions during the period of transition, whereby renewable energy systems replace fossil fuels as the main energy source.

The project aimed at strengthening European excellence and enhancing technical competitiveness of Europe in the area of CO2 capture and storage (CCS) by:
- Providing to European stakeholders support for the international forums such as CSLF (Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum).
- Establishing international relations with international projects & programs for exchanging information on past and ongoing projects, and identifying opportunities for future co-operation.
- Analysing new information on CCS and providing a coherent view on international activities for input in policy.

The project work was divided into three main work packages.

WP0-Project management. This work package included the publication of 8 Electronic newsletters on CCS activities in non European CSLF countries, and distribution by e-mail to European stakeholders, as well as the organisation of several project meetings.

WP1- Support to the CSLF. This package included participation to CSLF meetings, organisation of a stakeholder dialogue in Europe prior to the implementation of ZEP's activities, active participation of INCA in several task force of the CSLF, organisation of the technical workshop 'overcoming barriers to the CCS deployment' and start of actions for the upgrade of the CSLF Technology Roadmap and editing of the first draft of the 'Gap analysis' of the roadmap.

WP2- International policy input. This package included the editing of the report: inventory of CCS activities in CSLF countries and gap analysis.

WP3- International information exchange. This included participation of mission trips to China with the EC, active participation on international cooperation in FP6 and organisation of a European Project Day in Trondheim.