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European bioinformatics early-stage training in advanced research


The publication of the human genome sequence, along with that of other organisms, has created an unprecedented demand for bioinformatics tools to allow researchers to mine and analyse the explosion of data, which continues to emerge. More sophisticated too ls also require more sophisticated skills from the people who use them, and the shortage of skilled bioinformaticians needs to be addressed for Europe to remain competitive in the field. The European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) will make its resources a nd expertise available to provide this training. The EBI hosts five core European molecular biology databases and over 160 other tools and resources, providing state-of-the-art services to allow biologists to analyse large data sets, as well as a thriving and diverse research base. Training is already a major activity at the EBI, but as the demand for training in bioinformatics far exceeds the supply, the training of European early-stage researchers will be expanded through the current EST Training Site gra nt.The training fellowships are intended to give PhD students (or equivalent) from all over Europe the opportunity to gain skills in bioinformatics through short (3 ¿ 6 months) fellowships at the EBI. The students will work as part of one of the research and development teams at EBI, and the main part of the training will be in the form of a research project, closely supervised by the group leader. The training courses, workshops and seminars on offer, both at the EBI and the other institutes at the Wellc ome Trust Genome Campus, will form part of the training. The training will be open to students in any relevant field and participants will include both trainee bioinformaticians, who will receive more specialised training, and, for example, biologists and biochemists, who will receive more basic training, appropriate to their needs.

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