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Education and identity politics in Eastern and Western Europe


Overall Project
Objectives 1.
Research objectives: Individual research project:
- To gain understanding in the role of education and particularly that of history and geography in the nation-building politics of one young West-European states (Ireland) and on e new East-European state (Ukraine); Project on education, identity and social cohesion (EISC):
- To make a substantial contribution to an international project on education, identity and social cohesion, which is headed by Andy Green, prof, of comparative education.

Achieved by;
(1) Carrying out a study of secondary sources on the education systems in the aforementioned countries and performing in-depth case studies of Ukraine and Ireland (individual project) and
(2) develop the research framework, analyse public opinion data sets, carry out a questionnaire survey in Ukraine and write cross-country thematic chapters (EISC project).Relevance to Structuring ERA objectives; Both projects will enhance the exchange of ideas, disciplinary perspectives, competencies and research methods between East and West-European researchers and contribute to the fine-tuning of their research agendas.

2. Personal objectives:
- to improve my existing research competencies.
These concern:
(1) thematic expertise,
(2) methods of research,
(3) publishing research findings and
(4) teaching and supervision;- to acquire a number of new skills.

These concern:
(1) organising and participating in international research projects and
(2) disseminating the research findings to a wider audience.

Achieved by;
(1) making use of the institute and apos;s extensive research facilities (such as its library and the courses of its doctoral training programme),
(2) teaching courses to Ph.D students,
(3) asking feed back from the institute and apos;s experienced researchers
(4) carrying out the individual research project, and last but not least by participating in the EISC project.

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