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Charged particle nanotech

Final Report Summary - CHARPAN (Charged particle nanotech)

The principal objective of the CHARPAN project was to provide cost-effective solutions for nano-manufacturing, especially for the fabrication of Three-dimensional (3D) nano-surfaces. This would be accomplished by maskless and resistless nanopatterning using charged particle multi-beams. The CHARPAN tool development focused on generating approximately 40000 ion beamlets with sub-25 nm resolution. Using stencil masks, the target was to verify resolution of less than 20 nm within a 25x25 µm exposure field. The project focused on exploring industrial applications such as:
- fabrication of leading edge complex masks, fabrication of 3D nanoimprint templates for 'Above IC' (Above Integrated circuits) nanoimprinting of microlenses for imager chips, as well as ion multi-beam nanopatterning for industry-driven applications in the fields of nanophotonics, nanomagnetics, energy conversion and nanobiotechnology.

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