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Strengthening of the link University - Industry in Latin America and its cooperation with the EU

Final Report Summary - UNIVEMP-LAM (Strengthening of the link university - industry in Latin America and its cooperation with the EU)

The UNIVEMP-LAM project aimed to strengthen the link between science and industry within the framework of relationships between Latin America and the European Union. The specific project objectives were to:

1. bring about the necessary ideas in order to conceptualise a future scientific initiative for the international cooperation between developing countries of Latin America and the European Union in the areas of science and industry
2. develop solid proposals in the form of projects, networks, coordination actions and platforms which would allow to execute combined initiatives between both regions
3. increase mutual knowledge between existing, operative and efficient, regional or inter-regional networks with the concrete objective to create new links between them
4. create a network integrating the existing initiatives and bring about an action of training and awareness with the objective of giving capacity to university researchers, businessmen and technical staff in Latin America in the design and presentation of proposals in the areas of interest.

The project was structured in six distinct, yet interrelated, work packages which focussed on different research components. Firstly, an investigation of the prevailing conditions in the involved countries was conducted and its results were compiled and analysed. A generalised criterion was that the fortification of the infrastructure and the exclusive development of strategic sectors would lead to countries' development. Several development plans were proposed and applied based on this assumption, so that the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOTs) of each country were specified.

Moreover, workshops and seminars were organised to disseminate the obtained results and facilitate the exchange of experience between project stakeholders. Additional activities were undertaken, exploiting televised programmes and newspapers' articles. A document was also prepared, formalising the recommendations and strategies for future cooperations that were conceptualised during the course of UNIVEMP-LAM. Furthermore, numerous networks, internet platforms and databases were proposed, serving various end users' needs and facilitating communication. The project was concluded during an international seminar, which maximised its impact and successfully communicated its results.