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Strengthening of the link University - Industry in Latin America and its cooperation with the EU

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Latin America academia edges closer to the EU

Both academia and industry in Latin America can benefit greatly from exchanges with the EU and help the European Research Area (ERA) in the process.

Climate Change and Environment

Latin America, with its rich biodiversity, numerous academic centres and different approaches to science, could offer much to European research and gain considerably from it as well. The EU-funded project 'Strengthening of the university - industry link in Latin America and its cooperation with the EU' (Univemp-LAM) sought to reinforce collaboration between science and industry and between these two major world regions. The project helped articulate a strategy for global cooperation among developing nations within Latin America and the European Union in the areas of science and industry. It proposed a series of projects, networks and initiatives that encourage collaboration, promotion of knowledge exchange and giving rise to new linkages. Univemp-LAM also created a network that involves training and awareness to strengthen the capabilities of researchers, business people and technicians across Latin America in designing and presenting project proposals. This analysed current conditions in targeted countries, documenting each nation's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in order to support their infrastructure and develop key strategic sectors. Results from the analysis were disseminated through workshops, seminars, online platforms and the media, as well as through a set of recommendations to enhance future collaboration. A global seminar at the end of the project cemented the results and opened the door wide for upgraded collaboration between the EU and Latin America.

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