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Production of fully synthetic paraffinic jet fuel from wood and other biomass


"Swedish Biofuels AB, as the co-ordinator of a broad ranging international consortium, proposes the construction of a pre-commerical demonstration plant for the production of fully synthetic paraffinic jet fuel from wood and other biomass. The consortium is to design, construct, commission and operate the plant, which will take a variety of raw materials and produce jet fuel that is compatible, without blending, with in-service and envisaged jet engines for both military and civilian applications. The plant capacity is 10,000 t/y of fuel, of which 5,000 t/y fully synthetic paraffinic jet fuel, the rest is diesel and aviation gasoline.

The plant is based on technology that has been developed by Swedish Biofuels and LanzaTech, which. has been validated by the United States Air Force (USAF) and the United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). The technology has been granted patent protection in Europe the USA and the other major markets of the world. The plant, in the main, uses standard equipment. The non-standard equipment, roughly 10 % of the total, is to be manufactured by AS Remeksi Keskus.

The plant is to be constructed in Sweden on a site owned by Perstorp Bioproducts AB, the wood raw materials to be supplied by SCA Energy AB. The fuel will be used by Deutsche Lufthansa AG for flight tests. When the fuel is available it will used by Saab as part of a Sweden national study involving the Swedish jet fighter Gripen.

All products from the plant, jet fuel, diesel and aviation gasoline will be marketed by SkyEnergy BV.

The raw material base for the demonstration plant will be extended during the project by 1) the introduction of ethanol produced from municipal solid waste by Abengoa Bioenergia Nuevas Tecnologias SA 2) the use of biogas for the production of syngas by Perstorp. This will improve the plant economics and environmental impact, as will be investigated by E4Tech SARL during the project.


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