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Non Perturbative Physics at Finite Temperature: Field Theory and Holography


The principal thrust of this project is to study the non-perturbative nature of fundamental interactions at zero and finite temperature and chemical potential, mainly focused on Quantum Chromodynamics, but also Higgs physics and condensed matter systems. This research includes the study of hydrodynamic properties of relativistic fluids and their implications for the quark-gluon plasma, the physics of the quark-antiquark interaction in a thermal medium and its implications for the heavy-light meson spectrum, anomalous processes in condensed matter systems as well as a holographic study of the Higgs boson. It will make use of several techniques based on AdS/CFT formalism, which imply analytical and numerical resolution of differential equations, thermal field theory computations, etc, for which the fellow has a previous vast experience since his PhD period. The research plans during the 2 years of the Marie Curie research fellow can be summarized in four main research lines:
1) Hydrodynamics of relativistic fluids and anomalies.
2) Physics of heavy quarks and Polyakov loop.
3) Study of a holographic approach for Weyl semi-metals.
4) Holographic realization of the Higgs boson: study of properties of a naturally light dilaton.
It is worth mentioning that the project is ambitious but feasibly, and the fellow plans to study a wide variety of topics which, on the other hand, reflect his broad experience in nuclear, particle and theoretical physics. It will have important implications for heavy ion physics (RHIC and LHC), current studies of the Higgslike resonance at LHC, condensed matter physics and cosmology. It will be carried out with the collaboration of the members of the group of Prof. Johanna Erdmenger, including their two postdocs and six graduate students.

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