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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and immunohistochemical investigations of CNS activity in a novel preclinical migraine model


This application is being submitted by Dr Milena De Felice of the University of Arizona (researcher), and Professor Fiona Boissonade of the University of Sheffield (scientist-in-charge and supervisor), who have complementary expertise in different aspects of trigeminal pain. The project will be co-supervised by Dr Aneurin Kennerley, the lead physicist in the University of Sheffield's preclinical MRI facility. The proposed multi-disciplinary project will utilise magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and immunohistochemical techniques to investigate altered activity in the central nervous system in a novel preclinical model of migraine. The over-arching aims of the project are to further understand the generation of migraine and its symptoms, and to identify the specific brain regions involved. The results of our studies will enable us to correlate MRI changes with the development of migraine-like symptoms and the expression of specific indicators of altered excitability. This will advance our understanding of the mechanisms underlying the development of migraine. We also aim to establish how anti-migraine drugs affect MRI and behavioural responses in our model. This project has the potential to establish a translational MRI model that could be utilised to identify and determine the efficacy of novel therapeutic strategies.

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United Kingdom

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