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PROEIPAHA: Coordination, Support and Promotion activities in favour of EIPAHA

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - PROEIPAHA (PROEIPAHA: Coordination, Support and Promotion activities in favour of EIPAHA)

Reporting period: 2016-01-01 to 2016-12-31

Active and Healthy Ageing is at the core of the European Union (EU) strategy on demographic change. The unprecedented ageing of the EU population is having deep and extended consequences for individuals, businesses, industry players, national and regional public authorities, governments, health and care organisations, policy-makers and the investment community. Although demographic change represents a societal challenge for Europe, it also offers new opportunities for innovation and economic growth, particularly in the digital economy. Innovative digital health solutions can support healthier lifestyles and empower citizens to manage their own health conditions, yet still meet the expectations of patients and carers. While several initiatives, including “Innovation to Market” and “Blueprint – Digital transformation of Health and Care for the ageing society” – have been recently launched across Europe for mobilising competences, resources and knowledge, and boost investments, the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIPonAHA) remains one of the leading actions promoted by the EU in this sector. PROEIPAHA has successfully supported the execution of the initiative jointly with the European Commission (EC) and the broad audience of EIPonAHA stakeholders securing the basis for further development and the reinforcement of a complex ecosystem dealing with research and innovation priorities, policy visions, standardisation issues, public procurement opportunities, engagement, and cross-fertilisation methods. PROEIPAHA has fostered the awareness and encouraged the involvement of the Partnership’s members through a set of administrative services, coordination mechanisms, online tools, as well as dissemination and coordination activities. PROEIPAHA has targeted the objective to enhance the six EIPonAHA Action Groups accelerating the adoption of innovation in the field of adherence to treatments, fall prevention, frailty, integrated care, interoperable independent living solutions and age-friendly environments.
Administrative support services have been delivered in cooperation with the Action Groups co-ordinators to improve the governance of the Partnership and its capacity to deliver outputs in terms of commitments, collaborative work and synergies. Six Action Plans have been renovated to update Action Groups priorities and confirm the relevance of the themes addressed by the EIPonAHA Strategic Plan. Furthermore, activities carried out with the support of the promoters have focused the design and the execution of governance procedures. The complete set of processes have been grouped in the “Manual for the governance of the EIPonAHA Action Groups”. The PROEIPAHA project has broadly supported the EC, the Partnership and new stakeholders in all the phases of the “Call for commitments” launched in 2016. The support has entailed promotion through communication channels and networks, data collection and storage, evaluation and publication of commitments on the EIPonAHA portal. Nearly 900 commitments involving about 2.500 organisations have been registered. The EIPonAHA portal has played a central role to enhance the Partnership. Together with the goal to provide information, the portal now integrates several tools which allows the EIPonAHA Partnership to actively contribute to the implementation of the initiative. The Commitment Tracker Tool enables the submission and progress reporting of the commitments. The Repository of Innovative Practices is the key instrument to gather successful stories for the large uptake of digital innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing. The Policy dashboard shows a dynamic representation of the engaged initiatives (commitments, innovative practices, Reference Sites) at regional level. All the developed tools integrated into the portal are automatically updated when new information are uploaded by the EIPonAHA members. The “Manual for the management of the EIPonAHA portal” summarises the whole set of guidance for its operational sustainability. Policy recommendations on the future of the Active and Healthy Ageing sector in Europe have been elaborated and delivered through the wide and continuous involvement of the Partnership’s members and external stakeholders. Recommendations are entailed to suggest possible progress and evolution of the EIPonAHA taking into consideration the policy relevance of the activities, the regional dimensions of their impacts – the strategic role of the Reference Sites has been outlined – and the way to accelerate the progress on favourable framework conditions to scaling-up digital innovation. A road-map on Research & Innovation themes addressing Active and Healthy Ageing has been prepared analysing most relevant EU projects and related initiatives, and identifying priorities which are proposed at the attention of the Active and Healthy Ageing communities for future development. Similarly, a roadmap for standardisation has been delivered by pointing out gaps, emerging topics and priorities. Ultimately, procurement of innovative solutions has been largely promoted through samples aimed at encouraging the use of novel ways to match demand-supply sides leveraging investments. Communication has addressed the promotion of the EIPonAHA progress and outcomes to the members’ community and external stakeholders. Dissemination materials, videos, and reports have been designed. A new visual identity for the EIPonAHA has been created. Several campaigns have been carried out through social media, on-line tools and direct participation to events. PROEIPAHA has supported the organisation of two EIPonAHA Conferences of Partners (2015 and 2016) securing the extensive participation of Action Groups. Furthermore, the “Blueprint” consolidation has been endorsed by the Partnership’s members and the twinning programme for the Reference Sites has been facilitated by PROEIPAHA.
PROEIPAHA has enabled a substantial step forward in the cohesiveness and effectiveness of EIPonAHA. It has generated a clearer common understanding among EIPonAHA participants, and towards external stakeholders. The EIPonAHA has reinforced its capacity to become the place to generate, share and acquire state-of-the-art knowledge on policies, R&I priorities, standardisation issues, innovative solutions and initiative for Active and Healthy Ageing related topics. In terms of collaboration, the CSA has provided a full picture and a clear understanding by participants on "who does what" and on the concrete progress of each commitment thereby creating incentives and rewards for high-impact commitments. PROEIPAHA has finally generated the following impacts:
- Enhanced communication among EIPonAHA stakeholders enhanced coordination of activities in the Action Groups of EIPonAHA and enhanced communication of their results.
- Identification of priority areas and policy recommendations for Research and Innovation Actions
- Accelerated progress in the establishment of favourable framework conditions to implement the actions outlined in the Action Plans of the EIPonAHA
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