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Photonic Quantum Computing

Project description

Overcoming obstacles to the construction of large-scale quantum computers

The EU-funded PQC project will tackle key research challenges to establish the viability of large-scale photonic quantum computing. Key challenges include the following: designing and optimising hardware components such as waveguides, couplers and photon sources; establishing pathways to integrate these components into complete systems; developing accurate models of errors in photonic quantum systems for optimised fault-tolerance strategies; and exploiting approaches to optimise large-scale architectures for specific applications. By addressing these challenges in parallel and adopting an iterative approach, PQC could reach an optimal solution in minimal time and pave the way for groundbreaking advances in quantum computing.


This CoG will simultaneously address the outstanding research challenges to establishing the feasibility of large-scale photonic quantum computing by:

1. designing, fabricating and optimising the required hardware (WP1) components—inc. waveguides, couplers, phase shifters, delays, interconnects, spectral filters, photon sources and detectors, and control electronics

2. establishing paths to the integration (WP2) of these components into complete systems

3. developing accurate, exhaustive and verified model of errors (WP3) in photonic quantum systems for optimised fault tolerance strategies, and efficient large-scale architectures (WP4)

4. exploring and developing approaches to optimising this architecture both generally, and for specific applications (WP5)

Addressing these challenges in parallel will be essential to realising the vision because interim outputs are required to address each challenge, and an iterative approach with the flexibility to redistribute resources and effort is necessary to reach an optimal solution in minimal time.



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