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Production of leaflet and brochure

The leaflet will present – in a concentrated form on a 2/3 x A4 format – the main information on the project, namely: title, acronym, addressed call and topic, general information, short description of partners, general objectives, work packages and deliverables. The brochure will present the same information as above, but in a more detailed form – on 8 x A5 pages. Both document will be elaborated by RGS in English language, electronic printable format. Each partner will print the documents in their national language for dissemination purposes. NB - Before this activity, RGS will circulate minimum 3 versions for project's logo and, based on partners opinion, will chose one for the leaflet, brochure and website.

Production of Project Website

The project website will be prepared at the beginning of the project – it will have a public and a private domain for partners. The project website will also contain a discussion forum, in order to promote exchange of information and ideas about the interested stakeholders and information (calendar) on upcoming events, courses, conferences, fairs, etc. The project website will also facilitate the maintenance of social media presence on facebook and on twitter. The project website will be active over the four-year duration of Cheap GSHPs and extended for 2 more years after its completion.

CHEAP GSHPs web platform

Web platform that gives access to the systems developed. The platform will allow the users to introduce the data necessary for the analysis and it will represent the results. The platform will include GIS based visualization of data, and the 3D representation of data on a CityGML city model, when available.

CHEAP GSHPs DSS and web platform user manual

Multi-language user manual that will explain the use of the tools developed. It will include the functionalities of the DSS and the different options available through the web platform. The document will be available in multiple languages and will be the base for the part of the training manual developed in Task 9.2 that corresponds to WP5.

Production of training manual and Technical brochure (in English and in national languages)

The content/chapters of the training manual will derive from the previous WPs conclusions and deliverables, and will be approved by the Project Specific Committee in order to respect the IPR issues stipulated in the consortium agreement. The training manual will also include: short movies, virtual reality animations and interactive learning methods (quiz-es). The manual will keep a reasonable dimension (maximum 250 pages). The training manual will be created in the English language, electronic version. The final linguistic verification will be provided by SLR (the only English native speaking partner). The manual will be than translated in different national languages in the last year of the project. A special “Project Case Studies Guidebook” will be devoted to the application to Historical Building. It will be elaborated in English, electronic format, by RGS and translated in French and Italian by national partners from Italy and France.

Legislation and Regulation Analysis Brochures

Brochures summarising and presenting the regulatory conditions from the different participating countries (9 brochures) for GHSEs identifying how these will be applicable to the new proposed technology.

Publishable summary related to the results described in the first 2 periodic reports

Publishable summary related to the results described in the first 2 periodic reports

Legislation and Regulation Analysis Summary Report

General Report of the current situation of the regulative framework for the SGE systems.

Environmental Impact Assessment Study for each of the real case study locations

Assessment of the potential environmental impacts for the site locations focussing specifically on the Helix collector deployment in near surface condition and the utilisation of new innovative drilling technologies and their environmental impacts.

Report on standards Recommendations

Review of the applicable EU standards to the proposed innovative technologies and proposals of any amendments and recommendations based on the results of the project.

Report on regulatory and Best Practice Recommendations

Presentation of a template best practices and recommendations document transferrable to existing regulatory conditions at the case study locations based on the technologies analysed and their expected impacts.

Standards Overview for each of the case study areas

Applicable standards of materials, heat pumps and drilling equipment currently used in the EU will be taken into consideration. Specific attention will be given to the applicability of the existing standards to all innovations proposed in the project. Recommendations with respect to the applicability or necessary modifications for the successful commercialisation and deployment of the innovations dealt in the project will be prepared ensuring compliance with EN and CE standards.

Transferrable Risk Assessment Matrix

A risk assessment matrix to assess the potential environmental impacts of the deployment of helicoidal and coaxial GSHE based on different receiving environments.


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Geotermia a bassa entalpia per gli edifici storici

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Cheap-GSHPs project: a valuable experience in shallow geothermal systems for heating and coolign in buildings

Auteurs: A. Bernardi
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