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KiWi Power Limited’s Revolutionary, Low Cost, Demand Response Platform (KDRP)


CHALLENGE: Demand response (DR) is central to the successful evolution of a new low carbon electricity system in order to deliver grid flexibility & stability, however it is progressing slowly in the EU due to technological barriers which prevent widespread uptake: high in cost hardware (€4.000 - €6.000); not specifically designed for DR → lack critical functionality (e.g. wireless communication, integration of renewables); & not sufficiently open for wider industry participation.

PROPOSED SOLUTION: To address the need for innovations that overcome principal barriers to DR, this project seeks to advance KPLs Energy Management Platform, KEMP, from a prototype demonstrated in a relevant environment (TRL6) to complete & qualified commercial prototype (TRL8). KEMP is a low cost, automated ancillary services platform which consists of: [1] Unique hardware: multi-asset control; first platform to integrate renewable assets; wireless communication between assets → reduced installation cost; & sec. by sec. meter readings – requirement for Frequency Response programmes. [2] Innovative software: cloud based – for greater scalability; flexibility & remote monitoring, forecasting model - for integration of renewables; & optimisation engine - to max. revenues.

END USERS: [1] Initial target = large scale commercial & industrial (C&I) orgs with high MW capacity (>1MW) e.g. financial, telecoms, hospitals, hotels etc. Asset types: DRUPS systems & HVAC. [2] Secondary target = SMEs with low MW capacity (50kW< capacity < 1MW) incl. Water Pump Stations, Small Data Centres, Retail Stores. Asset types: Variable Speed Motors, HVAC, UPS systems etc.

STUDY OBJECTIVES: tech validation, market analysis, economic & business assessment, operational capacity analysis. Activities will be delivered within a 4 month period, & result in a comprehensive feasibility report detailing the next steps towards development & commercialisation, forming the basis of the SMEI Phase II Business Plan.

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35 Ballards Lane
N3 1XW London
United Kingdom
Activity type
Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
EU contribution
€ 50 000