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Archaeology on the Edge: Northern Europe and the Circumpolar World

Project description

Advanced training for biomolecular archaeologists

Archaeology has undergone a transformation in the past decade, necessitating the emergence of a new generation of researchers equipped with specialised research related skills and transferable abilities. In this context, the EU-funded ArchSci2020 project aims to offer structured advanced doctoral training to early stage researchers in the fields of archaeology and biomolecular science. It will establish an archaeological hub that brings together professionals from various disciplines, including archaeologists, biologists, mathematicians, analytical chemists, and policy experts. Through this collaborative network, integrated and flexible training programmes will be developed, fostering academic independence and preparing participants for careers in archaeology, heritage, and related fields. Also, the ArchSci2020 network aligns with the ‘Grand Challenges’ associated with health, diet, and environmental issues.


ArchSci2020 will provide structured state-of-the-art doctoral training to the next generation of archaeologists and biomolecular scientists forging a new generation of biomolecular archaeologists. Few other academic disciplines have been so transformed in the last decade as Archaeology. ArchSci2020 meet the need of a new generation of researchers. International, intersectoral and interdisciplinary training will equip its early-stage researchers (ESRs) with specific research-related and transferable skills, in order to provide enhanced career prospects across academia, industry and the third sector. The proposed ArchSci2020 network will bring together four leading research clusters each with complementary expertise to deliver an integrated, flexible training package that will provide a sound basis for academic independence and preparation for vocations in the archaeology, heritage and beyond. ArchSci2020 will combine (i) a common purpose, (ii) an unconditional commitment to the student experience, (iii) a pro-active stance towards international, inter-institutional research support and interdisciplinary study, (iv) a simple but effective management structure provided by a Management Team, Supervisory Committee and the Work Package leaders, (v) and an established academic infrastructure and reputation.
Key features of ArchSci2020:
1. ArchSci2020 will create a multidisciplinary training environment that brings together archaeologists, biologists, mathematicians, analytical chemists, and policy experts around an archaeological hub.
2. ArchSci2020 priorities and cross-cutting training themes align closely with ‘Grand Challenges’ across its themes of Health, Diet, and Environment and incorporates the important current skills and future training needs in archaeological science.
3. Each participating institution will make a unique and distinct contribution to the experience of Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) in a partnership formed from existing strong environments.


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