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NanoElectronics Roadmap for Europe: Identification and Dissemination


Set up the NEREID Advisory Committee

First list of experts for the Advisory Board with special regards to international roadmap activities.

Web site available online

Availability of the project web site, including a public area.

Final communication event

Final public event for the dissemination of the roadmap, possibly coupled to another major European event for Nanoelectronics.

Input to the Roadmap in the form of a Chapter for Beyond CMOS

Contribution by WP2 to the preparation of the final roadmap.

Roadmap priorities from 1st General Workshop with applications

Report on the outcome of the 1st General Workshop with Applications companies, with indications on the priorities for technology development.

Technology Outlook in Nanoelectronics and harmonization of NEREID roadmaps with International Roadmaps.

Report on the international Outlook of Nanoelectronics Technology, and guidelines for harmonization of NEREID roadmap.

European Technology Outlook (ETO) report

Preparation of a European Technology Outlook for Nanoelectronics, with summaries written in non-technical language. This document will be provided to the parliamentary Science Commissions in the countries of the Consortium.

First roadmap release communication

First release of the roadmap with publication and participation to events.

Dissemination, Communication and Data Management Plan update

Update and 2nd release of the communication and dissemination plan for the roadmap.

Mapping of International Roadmap Activities

List and description of international roadmap activities to which links need to be established by NEREID

Dissemination, Communication and Data Management Plan

1st release of the communication and dissemination plan for the project.

Report on General Workshop 1 and its impact on system integration, and case studies for Domain Workshops

Report on the results of the 1st general workshop and its impact on system integration. Definition of case studies for WP5 specific workshops.

Final report

Final project report according to Commission rules, including a publishable section.

Final release of roadmap

Final release of the roadmap for the Commission and internal use


Advanced sensor systems by low-temperature heterogeneous 3D integration processes

Author(s): Montserrat Fernandez-Bolanos, Andrei Muller, Josef Weber, Peter Ramm
Published in: 2018 Symposium on Design, Test, Integration & Packaging of MEMS and MOEMS (DTIP), 2018, Page(s) 1-5
DOI: 10.1109/DTIP.2018.8394203