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FUture Cabin for the Asian Market


In many respects, the evolution of the Japanese airline passenger represents an anticipation of the societal trends for the world's future airline passenger (ageing and being connected from point to point for instance). If the design of the future human-centered passenger cabin is able to satisfy the highly demanding expectations from the Japanese customer (in terms of safety, perceived quality, comfort, connectivity), it will also most likely please the customers in Asia and elsewhere in the world.

The objective of the FUCAM project (FUture Cabin for the Asian Market) is thus to develop a 2025+ conceptual cabin design devoted to the Asian market, for short and medium range aircraft.

The FUCAM project will analyze the user requirements from the airlines and passengers in Japan and two other key markets representative of the Asian area (China, South-East Asia).
In parallel, the project will establish a panorama of the innovative cabin technologies emerging in Europe and Japan.
From these inputs, it will compose a cabin concept capable of answering the collected requirements, while incorporating the most promising enabling technologies.
Furthermore, thorough studies will be conducted on the integration of this cabin concept into the aircraft (installation, reconfiguration, power and data compatibility), in order to raise its maturity level to TRL3. This will include several validation steps, involving first a functional mockup produced in Europe and later a full-scale customer validation mockup produced in Japan.

FUCAM is a 3-year collaborative project with Japan comprising 8 research and industrial partners from 7 European countries.

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