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Development of test methods for the detection and characteristation of endorcrine disrupting chemicals in environmental species.


The issue of endocrine disruption (ED) has raised much attention worldwide both cerning research and chemical safety. OECD countries, in particular EU countries, the United States and Japan, have been very active in developing major research programmes on ED in mammals, environmental species and in vitro methods, but also in building strategies to test chemicals for their potential to act as ED. Part of these efforts led to the development and validation of new test methods with a view to drafting new OECD Test Guidelines for the detection and characterisation of potential ED. National regulatory authorities from Europe and other OECD countries have agreed to validate newly developed test methods to facilitate the mutual acceptance of data generated in future testing of chemicals, e.g. in the text of REACH. In this text, the present project aims at facilitating the development and validation of test methods intended to be used in Europe and elsewhere for the screening and testing of the hazard assessment of chemicals in environmental species. Several laboratories from OECD member countries will participate in the experimental work, according to their domain of expertise. The present project will establish that endpoints studied in the tests are relevant and reliable. Review papers supporting each area of investigation will be drafted and finalised to present the state-of-the-art knowledge. The EU tribution to the present project will be used to support this validation work; in particular the statistical and report writing aspects, as well as the co-ordination part. The results of the project will be available to the public through the OECD website and disseminated at international meetings and ferences. This project will directly support European countries and industries in their task to implement future legislative action taken on endocrine disrupters at the European level.

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