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Mapping Interoperable EU PPDR Broadband Communication Applications and Technology


Final Definition of the Transition Roadmap and PCP Specification

The roadmap will consist of a description of target architectures that incorporate the solutions created in WP4 and evaluated in T5.2. This roadmap will foresee the activities of subsequent PCP/PPI activities together with the activities on-going outside of BROADMAP, with which, it will be necessary to closely interact with moving forward.

Final Stakeholder workshop and final report on activity to support EU policy and standards

This event will constitute the final event of the project and be used to communicate the overall outcomes of BROADMAP to the entire stakeholder community. It is expected that information surrounding the subsequent procurement activity will be of primary interest during this event. We expect this event to educate both the PPDR end user / buyer and the supplier / vendor community of the potential with respect to subsequent solution requirements, specifications and market opportunities.

Stakeholder Workshop and Intermediary report on activity to support EC policy and standards

This deliverable is represented by Intermediary Stakeholder Workshop. This event will be held in month 7 of the project. The purpose of the event is to report on the outcomes of the national workshops and the transfer of requirements to candidate solutions, and to seek feedback from a wider community with regard to the latest outputs of the project. Amongst the entire list of invitees as discussed above, external Supporters that contributed to the national workshops will be keenly invited to learn about the outcomes of the activity where they provided their contribution.

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