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Mathematical and computational foundations for modeling cerebral fluid flow.

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Intracranial pressure elevation alters CSF clearance pathways

Author(s): Vegard Vinje, Anders Eklund, Kent-Andre Mardal, Marie E. Rognes, Karen-Helene Støverud
Published in: Fluids and Barriers of the CNS, 17/1, 2020, ISSN 2045-8118
Publisher: BioMed Central
DOI: 10.1186/s12987-020-00189-1

The mechanisms behind perivascular fluid flow

Author(s): Cécile Daversin-Catty, Vegard Vinje, Kent-André Mardal, Marie E. Rognes
Published in: PLOS ONE, 15/12, 2020, Page(s) e0244442, ISSN 1932-6203
Publisher: Public Library of Science
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0244442

Fast uncertainty quantification of tracer distribution in the brain interstitial fluid with multilevel and quasi Monte Carlo

Author(s): Matteo Croci, Vegard Vinje, Marie E. Rognes
Published in: International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering, 37/1, 2021, ISSN 2040-7939
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.
DOI: 10.1002/cnm.3412

Abstractions and Automated Algorithms for Mixed Domain Finite Element Methods

Author(s): Cécile Daversin-Catty, Chris N. Richardson, Ada J. Ellingsrud, Marie E. Rognes
Published in: ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, 47/4, 2021, Page(s) 1-36, ISSN 0098-3500
Publisher: Association for Computing Machinary, Inc.
DOI: 10.1145/3471138

Finite Element Simulation of Ionic Electrodiffusion in Cellular Geometries

Author(s): Ada J. Ellingsrud, Andreas Solbrå, Gaute T. Einevoll, Geir Halnes, Marie E. Rognes
Published in: Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 14, 2020, ISSN 1662-5196
Publisher: Frontiers Research Foundation
DOI: 10.3389/fninf.2020.00011

Uncertainty quantification of parenchymal tracer distribution using random diffusion and convective velocity fields

Author(s): Matteo Croci, Vegard Vinje, Marie E. Rognes
Published in: Fluids and Barriers of the CNS, 16/1, 2019, ISSN 2045-8118
Publisher: BioMed Central
DOI: 10.1186/s12987-019-0152-7

Toward Personalized Computer Simulation of Breast Cancer Treatment: A Multiscale Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Model Informed by Multitype Patient Data

Author(s): Xiaoran Lai, Oliver M. Geier, Thomas Fleischer, Øystein Garred, Elin Borgen, Simon W. Funke, Surendra Kumar, Marie E. Rognes, Therese Seierstad, Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale, Vessela N. Kristensen, Olav Engebraaten, Alvaro Köhn-Luque, Arnoldo Frigessi
Published in: Cancer Research, 79/16, 2019, Page(s) 4293-4304, ISSN 0008-5472
Publisher: American Association for Cancer Research
DOI: 10.1158/0008-5472.can-18-1804

Accurate discretization of poroelasticity without Darcy stability

Author(s): Kent-Andre Mardal, Marie E. Rognes, Travis B. Thompson
Published in: BIT Numerical Mathematics, 61/3, 2021, Page(s) 941-976, ISSN 0006-3835
Publisher: Lunds Universitet
DOI: 10.1007/s10543-021-00849-0

Parameter Robust Preconditioning by Congruence for Multiple-Network Poroelasticity

Author(s): E. Piersanti, J. J. Lee, T. Thompson, K.-A. Mardal, M. E. Rognes
Published in: SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 43/4, 2021, Page(s) B984-B1007, ISSN 1064-8275
Publisher: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
DOI: 10.1137/20m1326751

Brain solute transport is more rapid in periarterial than perivenous spaces

Author(s): Vegard Vinje; Erik NTP Bakker; Marie E Rognes
Published in: Scientific Reports, 5, 2021, ISSN 2045-2322
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
DOI: 10.21203/

Astrocytic Ion Dynamics: Implications for Potassium Buffering and Liquid Flow

Author(s): Geir Halnes, Klas H. Pettersen, Leiv Øyehaug, Marie E. Rognes, Gaute T. Einevoll
Published in: Computational Glioscience, 1, 2019, Page(s) 363-391
Publisher: Springer Nature