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External Automatic Glaucoma Laser (EAGLE) for the first-line glaucoma treatment: Commercial prototype development and validation


The GLAUrious project is promoting the novel External Automatic Glaucoma Laser (EAGLE) device with the goal of providing accessible first-line treatment for glaucoma.
Glaucoma, a chronic disease causing progressive optic nerve degeneration, is the leading cause of irreversible blindness globally. Although incurable, disease progression is delayed by reducing intraocular pressure, thus preventing blindness. Some 64 million people worldwide suffer from glaucoma. Current first-line treatment requires daily eye drops, a strict regimen causing 50% patient dropout after 1 year.
Laser treatment for glaucoma has been in use for many years. Its effect lasts for 2−5 years and is repeatable. This traditional 10-minute procedure, involving contact with the patient’s eye, requires the expertise of glaucoma specialists. Consequently, costs are high and accessibility to the general population is low.
The novel EAGLE procedure is automated, non-invasive, non-contact, painless and user friendly—1 second of treatment by one press of a button. This revolutionary cost-effective device could be safely used by the world’s 212,000 ophthalmologists, thus becoming a primary treatment for glaucoma, overcoming serious problems of eye drop non-compliance and effectively preventing disease deterioration.
GLAUrious project aims to ease commercialization of the EAGLE device by securing clinical prototype validation, streamlining commercial production, optimizing component costs, disseminating to key opinion leaders and distributors, and refining commercial strategy. Validation of EAGLE will allow its commercialization enabling penetration of the ophthalmic market and boosting of the industrial consortium partners (BEL and MCI).
The multidisciplinary GLAUrious Consortium, with its four partners from three member states (Belgium, Italy, UK) and one associated state (Israel), incorporates two SMEs and two academic hospitals.

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